Our Kenworth trucks, the toughest prime movers

Our Kenworth trucks, the toughest prime movers

When you’re hauling a big load through some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet, you want to make sure that your rig will get you and your load to your destination safely and on time. When the tarmac ends on Australia’s Highway 1, our fleet of Kenworth prime movers are built tough to move your vital mining and construction equipment.

Over the years we’ve built a reputation as being one of Australia’s most reliable heavy haulage transporter, specialising in shifting heavy and oversized loads. Your business and ours depends on our equipment, which is why we use Kenworth trucks in our heavy haulage fleet; the toughest and strongest trucks on the market.

Kenworth C509 – Built for Australia’s unforgiving roads

Our Kenworth C509 is an incredibly versatile and tough truck. Perfect for very high mining and off-road applications, including remote road train, heavy haulage and mining service operations. With the latest 600HP Cummins engine technology and six rod Kenworth KW6-60A suspension our C509 is reliable, efficient, tough and durable for all mining and construction industry applications.

NHH 02 heavy haulage vehicle

 Kenworth K200 – Heavy haulage made easyThe Kenworth K200 provides operators with exceptional productivity through application engineering, power and versatility. Simply put, you can haul bigger loads with greater ease and efficiency. Suited to most Australian applications the K200 is ideal for up to 26m B-Double and B-Triple applications. Our National Heavy Haulage fleet includes three K200s, and with its stylish looks, improved driving environment and safety, we’ll no doubt see more in the future.

Kenworth K200

Kenworth T909 – Good looks and impressive performance

With its 600 horsepower engine, the Kenworth T909 can be configured with a single multi-trailer road train and is perfect for most road types. This unit is rated at 180t capacity and it tows a new Drake 5 row of 8 swing wing, drop belly Low Loader. We also have the option to add a 2 row of 8 dolly to increase our load capacity. Impressive sight combined with impressive performance; a perfect fit for the National Heavy Haulage fleet.

NHH 04 heavy haulage vehicle

At National Heavy Haulage, our reputation depends on our Kenworth trucks. To stand up to Australia’s toughest road conditions and deliver your vital oversized and heavy mining and construction equipment safely and on time, our Kenworth trucks sure are made of the right stuff.

For more photos of our Kenworth trucks in action, check out our photo gallery.

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