5 tips for avoiding driver fatigue

5 tips for avoiding driver fatigue

One of the most common causes of vehicle accidents is driver fatigue. This is especially a problem for truck drivers as many of us have to drive long distances – often over night – going for hours without a rest.We’ve come up with five tips to ensure you don’t drive tired.

1. Take regular breaks

If you know you’re driving a long distance, ensure you take regular breaks to avoid getting tired. As a general rule, take a 20 minute break for every two or three hours you’re on the road. Get out of your cab, stretch your legs and drink some water.

2. Stay away from huge meals

Try and eat light meals while you’re on the road. A heavy meal will just make you feel sleepy, so you don’t want to eat a large dish of food because it’ll just make you feel like nodding off. Try to eat lots of small meals rather than one huge one.

3. Take advantage of rest stops

Throughout Australia there are a number of rest stops on the side of the road, and you should take advantage of these if you’re feeling tired. Pull over and take a short nap in your cab when you’re feeling weary – you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

4. Drink coffee when you can

A cup or two of coffee a day isn’t harmful (unless otherwise directed by your doctor) and it can help you to stay awake. It is better for your health to drink coffee than energy drinks, as it has far less sugar in it. If you’re feeling a little tired, stop off at a garage and get a take away coffee to keep you alert.

5. Regulate your driving

Regulate your driving by making sure you don’t drive for more than 10 hours a day. Any longer than this and you’ll certainly start to feel drowsy.

Follow these tips to fight fatigue when you’re behind the wheel and hopefully you’ll prevent an accident occurring as a result of being too tired to drive.

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This document is just a guide, be sure to follow you companies OH&S regulations, fatigue management guidelines, state driving rules and your doctor’s medical advice.

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