Rules for heavy vehicles in Queensland

Rules for heavy vehicles in Queensland

Heavy haulage companies in Queensland have to abide by a number of rules and regulations that don’t usually apply to cars, vans, bikes and other vehicles that use the same roads as us. Because heavy haulage vehicles are so substantial, our truck drivers have to be extra careful and constantly aware of potential hazards.

Rules for heavy and long vehicles

In Queensland law, ‘heavy vehicles’ are deemed to be those that weigh 4.5 tonnes or more, while ‘long vehicles’ are those over 7.5 metres in length. In addition to this, there are a number of guidelines, as set out by the Heavy Vehicle National Law 2012, regarding specific classes of vehicle. Read on more information about the vehicles in your fleet from Transport of Main Roads.

Safe following distances

For normal driving, we’re told to drive ‘around two seconds’ behind the car in front, increasing this distance in difficult weather conditions.

When driving a long vehicle, you have to maintain a gap of at least 60m between you and the vehicle in front. This gap increases to a mammoth 200m when driving a road train. Again, these distances should grow when roads are wet, visibility is diminished or it’s windy. When driving a heavy vehicle, you’re advised to use your discretion – clearly you should leave enough space to avoid smashing into the vehicle in front if you have to suddenly brake for any reason.

Taking a break

National laws regarding fatigue management  dictate that drivers of certain vehicles must take regular breaks anyway, but did you know you can only stop in built-up areas for up to an hour if you’re driving a long or heavy vehicle? You’re exempt from this rule if you’re dropping off or picking up or if local restrictions allow for you to park up.

Load limits

The signs are there for a reason, and it’s illegal for you to pass a sign if your vehicle’s mass or load exceeds the limit displayed on it.

Steep driving

When driving in steep areas, low gears must be used to limit speed, so you’re not relying on your brake.

Of course, all usual Queensland road rules also apply to drivers of heavy and long vehicles.

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As always, this article is a guide only. Please follow all road rules and abide by your company’s safe driving policies.

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