List of major Australian toll roads for truckies

Here's everything you need to know about toll roads in Australia

Tolls are definitely not our favourite part of life on the road. But the fact is that they're a reality, especially if you're driving haulage trucks in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria. Here's everything you need to know about toll roads in Australia, from how much they cost and where you'll find them, to how to pay for them.

New South Wales

The toll roads of New South Wales are located in and around Sydney. The ten toll roads that make up what is officially known as the city's 'Orbital Network' are mostly owned by private companies. The only exception is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the property of the state government. Seven of the roads charge a flat rate, while the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel both charge according to time used, and the M7 charges according to distance. 

The most expensive toll road in Sydney, when measured per kilometre, is the Military Road E-Ramp. It's just 200 metres long, so the cost only comes to $1.54, but that translates to a whopping $7.70 per kilometre! 

There are two ways to pay for toll roads in New South Wales. The easiest way is by e-tag, as it can be used on all motorways all over Australia. But you can also buy electronic passes from various providers. You'll find more details and a complete listing of New South Wales' toll roads.


Victoria has four toll roads, run by two different providers. Transurban takes care of the three Melbourne-based roads, which include the M1, the M2 and Batman Avenue. This system is officially known as Citylink. A company named ConnectEast owns the the M3, which is referred to as Eastlink, and travels between Springvale Road in Nunawading and the Frankston Freeway in Seaford.

As in New South Wales, the easiest way to pay is with an e-tag. But you can also pay for each toll you use separately, as long as you do it before travelling or three days after. If you're only in Victoria for 30-60 days, you can buy a temporary Melbourne Pass. More details on Victoria's toll roads.


There are five toll roads in Queensland and they're all found in and around Brisbane. Four are owned by Queensland Motorways and one - the AirportlinkM7 - is owned by BrisConnections. A sixth one, to be named Legacy Way, is currently under construction and is expected to open in 2015. It will link the Western Freeway at Toowong to the Inner City Bypass at Kelvin Grove.

The most expensive toll road in Queensland, when measured by kilometre, is the Go Between Bridge (named after one of Australia's most legendary bands). It's only 117 metres long, but costs $2.88 - that's a massive $24.59 per kilometre! It's actually the priciest of all the toll roads in Australia.

The most convenient way to pay tolls in Queensland is by having your haulage trucks fitted with an e-tag. But you can also pay per use - either before travelling or within 72 hours afterwards. Find out more about Queensland's toll roads.

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