How to Stay Cool in your Truck this Summer

Summer can be a terrible time for a heavy haulage driver, especially when a heat wave hits. Inside the cab it can be even more roasting - thankfully there’s air conditioning! However, you might not always be in a position to have your air con on or keep your engine running. For example if you're sleeping or loading, that's when things can get unbearable.

Heavy haulage is a demanding job as it is, and when you add high temps and excessive humidity into the mix, you need to remember to take care of yourself. As one of the top Australian logistics companies, our number one priority is the safety and comfort of our drivers. To help you beat the summer heat, here are our top tips on how to stay cool in your truck.

What to wear

When the heat is on, you may be tempted to go out in a singlet and little else. However, it's best to wear long sleeved tops made from cotton or linen, as this helps to block the sun and prevent sunburn, while also drawing the sweat away from your body. You should also wear a broadbrim hat, as this will protect your skin and eyes from dangerous UV rays, while also keeping the sun off your head.

What to take

You should always ensure that you have enough water in your cab, as staying hydrated is vital when it's hot. Not only will it cool you down by drinking it, you can also pour it over your head and body for a quick cool-down. Make sure you have enough water with you for several days in case you encounter delays. Avoid sugary soft drinks as these can dehydrate you. Instead try drinks full of electrolytes like Gatorade or Powerade to help replenish the minerals you lose by sweating.

Another quick trick is to wet a towel with cold water and wrap this around your neck. If all else fails, see if you can stop for a cold shower, which is also a great idea before you try to sleep. A very cold drink can also help you feel cooler.

When stationary

Not all Australian logistics companies will let you use the aircon when sleeping. To combat this, you should try and choose a cool location when parking. However, make sure that any branches aren't going to fall on you! You should also cover your windows with windscreen covers or blackout curtains in order to keep the heat and sunlight out.

To stay cool in your truck, open your windows at night and when there's a breeze - a truck window screen might be useful to keep bugs out. You could also try a 12 volt personal fan to keep a circulation of air going.

Oversized transport driver comfort and safety

Without truck drivers, Australia stops. Which is why we’re committed to finding ways to improving driver comfort and safety. For more heavy haulage driver safety tips, like our Top on-the-road Snacks for Truckies or 12 Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety Tips, visit our News page today.

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