Get to Know the Average Modern Day Truckie

To start with, they see more of our roads in a single day than most of us would in a month. But, there are things that truckies, particularly mass freight drivers, have in common that you may not have known.

A recent survey from the U.S. reveals who exactly is the modern day truck driver. The survey found that truckies are accessing the internet, including social media and email on the road, and that they find eating well the most difficult part of life on the road. Another interesting but perhaps unsurprising result was that often truckies are country music fans! For more of the specifics, check out this great infographic or read on for our favourite stats.

Number of km per year?

And the survey says… This one shouldn’t surprise any of our mass freight drivers, but here’s how many kilometres truckies in the U.S. say see in an average year.

• 160,000km-200,000km - 14%

• 120,000km-160,000km - 13%

• 80,500km-120,000km - 40%

• Less than 80,500km - 28%

Why do truckies love the job?

Despite mental health being a continual concern for many truckies in Australia, here are some of the top reasons why truckies make driving their profession.

• Freedom of the Highway (not working in an office) - 57%

• Meeting/working with people from across the country - 53%

• Entrepreneurship - 46%

What truckies listen to?

Music is a great way to ease the monotony of outback driving, and what cranking your favourite tunes on your iPod or on the radio. But, what kind of music do truckies like listening to the most?

• Country - 43%

• 60s/70s/80s - 38%

• Talk/News/Sports - 37%

Australian mass freight drivers among the best

While these stats are from the U.S.A. we think there are plenty of similarities to our truckies here in Australia. They’re the unspoken things that unite us and make us uniquely driven to drive trucks every day.

At National Heavy Haulage, our truck drivers are no exception. With our “be the best you can be” motto, all our drivers strive for excellence in every aspect of their heavy haulage role. If you love being on the open road and think you’ve got what it takes, keep an eye on our positions vacant and get in touch.

Leading mass freight solutions

National Heavy Haulage is a preferred supplier to Australia’s leading mining and civil construction industries, using our modern truck fleet and trailer fleet to transport heavy equipment where it’s needed. Contact us today on 1300 79 22 49 for a complete heavy haulage solution.


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