Playing Man-Sized Jenga with Caterpillar Excavators

Impressive Heavy Transport Caterpillar Jenga

At National Heavy Haulage we wholeheartedly accept the implications of the saying "boys and their toys" in the heavy transport and trucking industry. Rarely has that saying applied so accurately as to when we came across this video of an industrial sized game of Jenga.

Come on – it was played with Caterpillar Excavators, of course we got excited! For heavy haulage drivers, machinery operators, or anyone with a love for big boy's toys, this video will be right up your alley.

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Heavy logistics + heavy machinery = heavy Jenga!

If you're not familiar with the basic idea of Jenga, the objective is to remove blocks from the tower, then place them on the top without causing the entire thing to collapse. Usually the game is played with 54 blocks that are 7 and a half centimetres in length each, and weigh an average of slightly under 20 grams. The game is also most often played with hands rather than heavy machinery.

Caterpillar discovered that if you increase the size, you increase the fun. In their recent "Stack" video, which featured in their "Built for It" series, they scaled it up, with each of their 27 blocks weighing 272 KG. It truly is the ultimate heavy machinery challenge.

Not as easy as it looks...

In our heavy haulage gallery you may well have seen some of the Caterpillar machines involved in the game, all of which are known for their precision; the Caterpillar 320E, TH514C, 277D, M316D and the 349E.

While the objects usually lifted by these machines would be concrete pipes, mining equipment and other freight you'll see in the heavy transport sector; they're bizarrely well suited to giant Jenga.

The outcome of mixing Caterpillar machinery and this simple game, as the video clearly shows, is awesome. It's the kind of game that induces jealousy in anyone who hasn't played.

The game clearly showcases the precision and skills required by these operators. 5 operators, with over 120 years of experience in total, took part in the trial and we have to say that the level of experience truly shows throughout the video. The skill and control with which they manoeuvre their excavator is truly impressive. How great would it be to have a shot at Jenga with Caterpillar Excavators?

Heavy haulage Australia can count on

We may not get to play much Jenga at National Heavy Haulage, but we do have some of the best looking heavy transport fleet in the country. We operate nationally and put emphasis on our reliability and safety. Delivering a first-class service every time is important to National Heavy Haulage as we understand that a hold up on the road means a hold up off the road too.

Our clients across the mining and civil construction industries give us excellent feedback – read more on our haulage testimonials page. Call us on 1300 79 22 49 or via our web form to discuss your heavy haulage requirements.

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